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Florida has become a hot spot of Bitcoin-related news of recent. Last week, an attorney representing accused Bitcoin money-launder Pascal Reid challenged those charges on the grounds that Florida’s legal definition of money doesn’t apply to Bitcoin or any other virtual currency. Pascal Reid is accused of selling $25,000 worth of Bitcoin to an undercover Secret Service agent who claimed the proceeds came from credit-card fraud. Michell Abner Espinoza is accused of offering to sell roughly $30,000 to another agent, although he later backed out of the deal. While the bitcoin economy is currently backed by $284m in venture capital and has a growing band of high-profile supporters, it still operates in a regulatory grey area in its largest market. The February 2014 arrest of Espinoza and Pascal Reid was the state’s first big case that involved illegal money transmission and laundering charges coupled with bitcoins. However, after two years of legal battles, Espinoza’s charges were ultimately dismissed by Judge Pooler and in her dismissal verdict she detailed bitcoin was not Pascal Reid, a Bitcoin dealer was accused of money laundering after selling bitcoins to an undercover agent. Now, in exchange for a reduced charge, he has agreed conduct training seminars on digital currencies for law enforcement officials about digital currencies.. Reid and his associate Michel Abner Espinoza, 31, were arrested back in February 2014 under the accusation of money laundering

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